Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smartphone OS Comparison

iPhone still remains the popular choice amongst smartphone users but with new phones running on Android OS flooding the market and RIM fighting to retain BlackBerry’s market share, Apple definitely doesn’t have a monopoly anymore & knows that it is in a foot race with its competitors. Below is a look at how these 3 rivals pit against each other as of date.

Category Android Blackberry iPhone Notes
Typing - High usage for email and text 3 1 2 Blackberry definitely has a advantage here if you are frequently using your phone to reply to emails. Also, texting and messaging. On touch screen, iPhone keyboard is slightly easier to use but like with everything Android OS every day a new phone comes with improved feature.
Phone Design - Size, Sleek etc 2 3 1 Hands down iPhone.
Qwerty Keyboard 2 1 2 Blackberry
Browsing 2 3 1 iPhone again has the lead here but the new phones on Android are now comparable. BB's browsing is msotly non existent
Notes / Tasks 1 1 1 All hardwares have some notes / tasks application. I use google calendar also.
Connectivity 2 1 3 Blackberry wins here because of the added BBM feature, which is it's USP. But only today I read that RIM has given in and would provide BBM to Android and it's already in works for iPhone also. Also, iPhone calling still sucks though new users of Verizon have given good reviews!
Social Media - FB etc 1 2 1 Both iPhone and Android OS have apps for almost all the popular social media sites So they fair equally. BB definitely lacks here.
Alarm Clock 1 1 1 This should be non issue across the board.
Apps 2 3 1 iPhone has the lead here but only because they were first. Android is catching fast.
Camera 1 3 2 I think this where Android OS being open to multiple hardware shops has an advantage. Most new phones on Android have better camera and memory capacity. iPhone camera is not bad but it's definitely not the leader. BB again is non existent in this category.
Skype, Video Chat etc 2 3 1 Skype is now available on both Android and iPhone. And both new hardwares have the front camera video chat. But if you are using any specific video chat messenger then they might only have iPhone app. But again this is a matter of time. Again BB is non existent in this category.

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