Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel Review: Munich


Review: I think Germans get a very unfair rap for being cold and serious. Oktoberfest crowd and carnival was anything but that. It was one of the most welcoming and warm crowd in spite of the carnival teeming with people and plenty of beer flowing. Contrary to general perception, Oktoberfest Carnival is not just gigantic beer tents. With German markets selling knick knacks, live music, plenty of food to indulge and kick-ass amusement rides (bumper cars!!!), it is an complete family affair and has something for everyone. Oktoberfest fever catches you the moment you step out of the train or the flight & buying a Oktoberfest hat / costume is perfect way to blend in :) Bottom line, if you like your beer and if you like to party, Oktoberfest is a definite must once in your life.

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