Monday, February 6, 2012

Food and Wine Reviews for January 2012

My Old Dutch Pancake House <FAVORITES> Gem in the Chelsea area on Kings Road between South Ken and Sloane Square. If you are craving pancakes on a Sunday morning, do check out this place!

Giraffe- <FAVORITES> Walked into this place waiting for table at the more popular Barafina across the road. It turned out to be a fantastic find for a casual night out. Go there on a Friday/Saturday night to have a relax comfortable dinner on the ground floor or have a chill evening with your friends in the bar lounge on the first floor.

NOPI - Popular restaurant off the Regent Street. Needs reservations well ahead off time.

Saigon Saigon - In an attempt to try something offbeat, I walked into Saigon Saigon near Ravenscourt Park Station with a friend. For a quite and low-key (may I say a bit rundown) market, it is a ,surprisingly, popular restaurant with a busy Tuesday night. From what I found out, it has decent food, big menu but am sure London serves better Vietnamese food.

Bird Thai (Amsterdam) <FAVORITES> I had no idea that Dutch have a Thai history. The fact that the most popular restaurant mentioned in the city's tourism guide is Thai restaurant says it all. But having said Bird doesn't disappoint. Tucked away in the Red Light District (isn't everything in Amserdam ?) it serves world-class Thai food. Definite must when you visiting Amsterdam!

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