Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food and Wine Reviews for March 2011

Starting this month, I am adding a new section to my blog where I would post reviews of the restaurants/places I’ve visited over the last month. These will obviously go on the google maps but this a way to consolidate all the reviews for every month.

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Bar Boulud, New York City

Bar Boulud - <FAVORITES> Casual bistro by Michelin 3-star restaurateur Daniel Boulud lives up to its name and quality. Par excellence service, fantastic wine selection and amazing French food.

Eataly - <FAVORITES> If you love cheese, if you love bread, if you love chocolates, if you love meat, if you love wine; In short, if you love Italy, this is the place for you! My only regret is that I found it right at fag end of my New York stay. Thanks Richa Di for the farewell dinner and introducing me to this gem :) And they are adding a new rooftop beer garden this summer!!!

Cacio e Vino - If you are searching for lost Sicilian flavor, you will definitely find it here. Another gem to try exotic grapes from Southern Italy. Try the Cerasuolo di Vittoria doc '07 and Tancredi '05.

Birch Coffee - Another addition to ever-growing list of niche coffee shops in NY. Also, has wine, beer and small snacks on its menu.

Caracas Arepa Bar - <FAVORITES> The best Arepas in the city. The Reina Pepiada arepa and Cachapa are the best things on the menu. If not having wine or beer, Papelón con limón is a must drink with the food.

Cafe Mogador - <FAVORITES> Fantastic place for wknd brunch. Really popular and gets busy. Got to have the lamb chops!!! Visited again for dinner this month and got equally fabulous food. Great wine selection, love the merguez and the Moroccan Mint Tea is heavenly!!

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