Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steve Jobs - The Minister of Magic

"Jobs put life and soul into inanimate objects. Everyone saw steel, silicon and software; he saw an opportunity to paint his Mona Lisa. People saw a phone; Steve saw a transporter of love. People saw a tablet; he saw smiles and wide-eyed amazement. They made computers; he made time machines that brought us all together through a camera, screen and a connection" - Om Malik

Long after we are all gone, when the future generations look back at our era through the prism of time; when they attempt to write history, one thing is certain that Steve Jobs name would be taken in the same breadth as the creative geniuses of Da Vinci, Galileo, Edison and Einstein.

It's so ironic that in the era of nuclear bombs and guns where ignorant bravado and grandstanding are the toast of the town, a bespectacled tech geek with his magical toys manage to change and capture the imagination of the entire world. As he passed away this week, the outpour of emotions from his adoring fans, peers and rivals has been nothing short of overwhelming.

This week we celebrate a man who with a simple "touch" changed everything.


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"You've got to find what you love"

For the Love of Technology!

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