Saturday, March 3, 2012

Travel Review: Amsterdam


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Review: Amsterdam amuses me as a city. Because you rarely see cultural landmarks steeped in history standing comfortably next to "coffee" shops and the ever-encroaching windows of a Red Light District. For a first time visitor who was interested in both sides of this historic city, it was surreal feeling. As you walk around the famous Dam square admiring the New Jewish Church and City Center, the "Coffee Shops" and the Red Light District reveal themselves. Whether you want to indulge yourself in the sins or not of this "Sin City", a visit to this part of the town is a must. The perception of Amsterdam been a party city may stem from legalization of weed and prostitution but one has to go to this small western European city to understand it's historic past and it's battle with Nazi regime during the reign of the Third Reich. Churches and museums like Anne Frank House littered across the city are waiting to tell you a story of Amsterdam that you've perhaps never heard before!

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