Saturday, March 3, 2012

Travel Review: Edinburgh

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"To die in a pub is my dearest plan with my mouth to the tap as close as I can.
Then the angels would say when the singing began 'Oh Lord please show mercy on this boozy man'"

Review: If you like your castles, if you like your war history, if you like your whiskey, then Edinburgh, and by association Scotland, is the place you must go. This beautiful small town on north-eastern shores of Britain gives you a perfect introduction to Scotland. Great Britain might be a surviving union but it's definitely not one country. Scotland is a country that stands on it's own and Scotts are proud people of a proud nation. Even though Edinburgh Castle is its most famous landmark, Edinburgh has plenty other sights and sounds to keep you entertained for few days. And if you have time, a visit north to the Highlands (Caledonia) is highly recommended. It will reveal another country with it's majestic beauty spotted with mountains, lochs, castles and scotch distilleries!

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